Hollyweed Los Angeles Medicinal Weed Dispensary FAQS:

How do I make an appointment?
Just give us a call at (323) 923-5299 or contact us through our website.

Is there off-street parking available?
Yes, there is.

Can my friend who does not have a medical marijuana card enter Hollyweed?
No, they can only be seated in the waiting room. No one who does not have an active medical marijuana card and under the age of 18 is allowed to enter in Hollyweed.

How old do I need to be to enter Hollyweed.
You must be 18 years of age to enter Hollyweed.

I don’t have a California Driver’s License or ID. Can I see a California medical marijuana doctor?
Yes you can. You must prove you are a resident of California (lease agreement, utility bill etc.)

Is there a list or database that my employer or the government can check to see I have a card?
Our patient medical records are privately stored with a professional document security system that keeps all files under lock and key. Your medical record privacy is also protected by law.

Can someone request to see my records (like my boss) without me knowing? 
No. Each patient is contacted about requests for their records if no prior consent has been signed.

I’m a new medicinal marijuana patient in Los Angeles, CA. What do I need to bring?
Bring your government identification. If you have a medical problem that has not been diagnosed or treated by a health professional, that is all you need to bring. If you have seen a doctor in the past for the medical condition, please bring the contact information of the clinic, medical group, or hospital and/or any recent medical documentation verifying your diagnosis.

How much for the medical card?
Varies depending on the physician.

What if I lost my recommendation?
You must get a new original recommendation from your doctor.

How soon can I use my recommendation?
Your recommendation is active and ready to use as soon as you finish your appointment..

About Hollyweed

Hollyweed Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a high-grade medical marijuana dispensary located in Los Angeles, California. Hollyweed Medical Marijuana Dispensary has been serving medicinal marijuana to the greater Los Angeles area since 2006. We are Pre-ICO #67 and Propisition D of Los Angeles, California compliant medical marijuana dispensary.

Hollyweed’s medicinal cannabis, edibles, extracts, waxes, crumbles, clones and seeds are of the highest quality and organically grown to ensure that the patients receive the best marijuana in the greater Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

Hollyweed Medical Marijuana Dispensary offers great specials and daily deals to our local Los Angeles marijuana patients.

We are proud to serve medicinal marijuana to the greater Los Angeles communities of Los Angeles, Downtown, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Midtown, Mid City, Culver City, Miracle Miles, La Brea, La Cienega and Robertson areas.

Hollyweed Los Angeles Medical Marijuana & Products

We are working with well known companies…

Edible companies such as Kiva, Korova, Infused Creation, Yummy Karma, Nature Nuture, VooDoo Soul Belts, Cheeba Chews, Space Apes, TKO, Baked, Venice Cookie Company, Royal Edibles, Jane’s Brew, Little Britain, The Farm, Blondie, Alpine, Bloom and FlavRx.

Concentrate companies such as Cavicone, PresidentialRx, Auto Dabber, Honey Vape, Kurvana, Bloom Farms, FlavRx, Oasis, Elicit Lab, Alpine, Crown Extracts, Clear Concentrates and Royal Extracts.

Accessories companies such as Pure Biohazard, Slim, Swisher, Dutch, Splitarillos, Raw, Zig Zag, Royal Blunts, Good Times, Sweet Woods and Puffit Vape.

Our medical marijuana organically grown both indoor and out door provided by patients who care about our health.  Whether you’re looking for a cannabis strain, clones and seeds, a topical, edibles, extracts or a concentrate, use Hollyweed Medical Marijuana Dispensary as your number one source for all your Los Angeles medicinal marijuana needs. Hollyweed is a one stop shop for all patients.